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Discover the most innovative development in heavy plant wheel technology this century.

Discover airBOSS

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Benefits of the revolutionary airBOSS tyre system

  • No tyre fitting call out charges

    Machine operators can maintain the tyres
  • Eliminate vehicle downtime

    Tyre segments can be changed by the operator minutes
  • Go green reduce your rubber waste

    Longer lasting than pneumatic tyres
  • High performance

    Better performance than pneumatic tyres
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK

    Designed & manufactured in the UK


Save Time

Eliminate downtime

How many hours do you waste on tyre repair? It’s Crazy! Replace an airBOSS tyre segment in less time than it takes to drink a coffee. Not to mention airBOSS lasts four times longer than the average tyre. Now tyre maintenance is in your hands, find out how you can integrate airBOSS into your fleet.

Give your machine operators ownership of a stress-free tyre system, use airBOSS and finish the job on schedule.

Eliminate Downtime

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