About airBOSS


Discover the most innovative development in off-road wheel technology this century.

“No downtime through any sort of tyre problem – remarkable achievement considering the type of work and hostile environment.” - Plant hire firm, Hemel Hempstead

Manufactured in Great Britain

Manufactured and engineered in Great Britain, the airBOSS segmented wheel and tyre system has established an enviable reputation as the most cost effective answer to puncture and tyre related downtime. airBOSS has be developed to cater for most plant vehicles across a wide range of applications.

Our segmented wheel system comprises rubber segments individually bolted to a metal rim. The whole tyre cannot simply deflate. If a rubber segment is damaged, the machine operator can simply replace the segment in minuets, at a fraction of he cost of a complete tyre, at a time convenient to them.

“In our operation pneumatic tyres last only 6-7 weeks. We have evaluated airBOSS over the past 5 months and 600 hours and already seen tremendous savings.” - Excavations, Bolton, Lancashire

Replace segments in minutes

  • No downtime caused by punctures
  • No inexpensive call-out charges
  • Segments easily replaced by the operator
  • Never have to replace the entire tyre
  • Durable and hard wearing in ll environments and across all surfaces
  • Improved handling and comfort giving superb traction and grip
  • No worries about the cost of disposing of damaged tyres

Plus… by using the airBOSS Segmented System you could save over £22k per year in operating costs per machine.