Cut Costs with airBOSS

The airBOSS unique all-purpose puncture proof tyre system is designed to save you money and improve your team's performance.

Cut Costs with airboss

The airBOSS unique all-purpose puncture proof tyre system is designed to save you money and improve your team’s performance. How?

There are two key ways that airBOSS will help you cut costs:

1) Longevity
2) No downtime


airBOSS last four times longer than the average pneumatic tyre. It’s that simple! Not only do they last so much longer, but the performance of your vehicle will not be affected even when used on the harshest of terrain such as; quarries, demolition & mining.

“In our operation pneumatic tyres last only 6-7 weeks. We have evaluated airBOSS over the past 5 months and 600 hours and already seen tremendous savings.” – Excavations, Bolton, Lancashire

No downtime

Particularly relevant for vehicles used in such harsh environments as those mentioned is the unique segment design airBOSS uses.

Each rubber segment can be replaced individually in minutes by simply unbolting and re-fitting! The benefits of this system are extensive, particularly that a vehicle operator does not have downtime if tyre damage occurs.

Rather than waiting for a replacement pneumatic tyre to be fitted by a specialist, which can take anything from 3 hours to 2 days, the operator will unbolt damaged segments and replace them within minutes. Think, how much that can help you hit deadlines that are so important on any construction project – it may even help you avoid costly time-penalties.

“No downtime through any sort of tyre problem – a remarkable achievement considering the type of work and hostile environment.”Plant hire firm, Hemel Hempstead

Invest in airBOSS

So if a product lasts longer, does not affect the performance of the vehicle it’s fitted to and is easier to maintain, what’s stopping you investing in airBOSS?

Well for some it is exactly that, the investment. airBOSS runs on unique wheel rims and the initial costs to purchase these wheel rims is greater than simply replacing a standard tyre. But remember this is an investment and with the availability of finance you can still start saving within the first year of purchase.

This comparison chart shows clearly the potential for savings available with airBOSS.

Figures used in this comparison are based on a London based, UK construction company, using two skid steers involved in the demolition of a 9 story building.


Combining the advantages of longevity and no downtime make it clear that airBOSS is a product worth investing in.

If it makes sense to finance the initial purchase of the full wheel system, we can help with that through our finance partner Oxford Funding Finance who can spread the cost over a period of up to 3 years.

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We look forward to discussing your requirements and helping you start saving with airBOSS.