Cut Costs


Comparing overall costs on a real-life example. We tested two Skid Steers, on the same site, over a period of three months.



“The airBOSS tyres are good for another 12 months by which time the higher purchase price will easily have paid for itself”. Quarry, Rhonbasalt Vacha, Germany.

Do you like a good investment?

airBOSS lasts four times longer than your average tyre. Once you’ve invested in our system replacement tyres will be a thing of the past.

With our wheel rims tailored to your vehicle or fleet, you’ll spend a fraction of the price of a standard tyre now only purchasing individual segments. This means less spent on tyres and more money for the important things.

Once fitted, your airBOSS wheel is yours for life. You’ll receive a responsive after sales and refurbishing service as well as a leasing option for cash-conscious companies and users.

“There isn’t just the financial inconvenience for tyre damage. There’s the downtime cost and inconvenience to the main contractor.” Individual builder, Cumbria

Cut costs by filling fewer disposal trucks

Pneumatic tyres are made from a combination of materials including bonded wire nylon as well as rubber. These materials must be separated in order to be recycled. This makes recycling tyres unnecessarily expensive.

With airBOSS, the segments are made from natural rubber moulded around a metal insert, eliminating all of the above problems because even if you do have a damaged segment, all that is required is a new insert of the rubber component. Furthermore, the damaged segment is recyclable and is not expensive to dispose of – another benefit of using airBoss tyres!