It is our company policy to state that airBOSS will last up to four times longer than standard pneumatic tyres, but the reality in some instances is that they last far longer.

The durability of airBOSS

Whilst visiting a number of European distributors Managing Director of airBOSS, Don Gillanders, was presented with a set of airBOSS segments that had been used for over 20 years! As you can see from these photographs, the company using our products certainly used them fully… we wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking the tread as low as this!

The principal, however, is even considering the many additional advantages of airBOSS over standard pneumatic tyres – no downtime, lower environmental impact just to mention two, this product is considerably more durable in contrast to a standard pneumatic tyre – it is simply a higher quality product.

On durability alone, airBOSS makes economic sense as an investment.

I was amazed and impressed that the tires had been on our client’s machine for over 20 years. The airBOSS Tire System is such a high-quality product the initial investment absolutely makes sense. We are proud at Skiro to sell the airBOSS tire.” Airboss Denis Jazbec, Sales & Purchasing Manager/Digital Marketing for Skiro Pnevmatik Center (Slovenia & Montenegro).

How is it that a rubber based product can perform in the harshest environments such as mines, demolition and quarries and still last for over twenty years? The answer, our unique compound formula.

We have worked exceptionally hard to find the perfect mix of rubber and silicone to produce segments containing enough elasticity so they do not crumble or split under force and yet a firm enough composition to maximise durability.

If you are looking for a durable, high-quality alternative to a pneumatic tyre for your off-road, heavy plant vehicles, airBOSS has the answer.

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