Go Green


Replacing a single airBOSS segment not only reduces the quantity of rubber waste; it drastically lessens the negative effect of rubber disposal on the environment. Choose airBoss for a better tomorrow.

“An immediate improvement in traction and bucket loading time was noted – all operators complimented the airBOSS equipped skid steer.” TML (Channel Tunnel)

Disposing of less rubber

Every puncture leads to the disposal of a whole tyre creating unnecessary rubber waste causing irreversible damage to our planet. At airBOSS we believe that this must stop.

The airBOSS segmented tyre is designed to minimise rubber waste by only requiring single damaged segments to be replaced.

You could be disposing of far less rubber than other construction companies, considerably limit carbon emissions produced by call-out and recovery vehicles.

Did you know discarded tyres are often set on fire releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere? This irresponsible act causes lasting environmental damage and contributes to global warming. Join airBOSS in the fight for a sustainable future.

“The traction is so much stronger than with usual tyres and the wheels do not spin so easily. I can work beautifully with this machine.” Machine operator with a major construction firm in Germany.

Resolve the Waste Disposal Nightmare

Disposing of waste tyres, especially the size of those used by your vehicles can be a headache. It is now illegal to send tyres (shredded or whole) to landfills for disposal.

For many companies this means hiring a council disposal truck to collect these tyres for recycling. Unfortunately, these trucks are expensive, even more so for larger tyres which occupy the most space.

We’ve even heard of some construction companies filling disposal trucks with only 100 waste tyres – what a waste of money!

Using airBOSS tyres will:

  • Cut costs by filling fewer disposal trucks with more rubber
  • Reduce the amount of rubber you need to dispose of
  • Minimise the damage you cause to the environment