Innovation, at the heart of airBOSS

airBOSS to launch new 17.5R25 tyre

Innovation, at the heart of airBOSS

airBOSS to launch new 17.5R25 tyre

airBoss, the unique puncture proof segmented tyre system, was introduced to the UK market at the SED Show in 1991 when it won three awards – the Silver Medal, the Supreme Gold for Innovation and the Newcomer Award. This was the first time that any one company won all three awards.

Innovation has always been at the heart of airBOSS. We work continually to improve our product, from consideration of the rubber compound mix used through to size requirements as the market demand alters.

With that in mind we have announcement to make.

airBOSS has listened to you and identified the need to supply our segmented tyre for larger machines such as the 10 tonne dumper, telehandler, loading shovel, and excavators. In particular the mining industry has pressed us to manufacture the 17.5R25 tyre which is extensively used within that sector.

We at airBOSS have been taking a long hard look at the present design of the segment, the shape, fitments, rubber formulation, etc with the intention of developing an airBOSS segment for larger machines.

The result is that we are proud to announce that we have redesigned a completely new, innovative segment, one which is less expensive without reducing the quality or effectiveness of the airBOSS product or brand.

During the design and development of the new segment we have worked closely with Cabot Design Limited, a long established engineering design company in the UK with some highly qualified engineers who specalise in design analysis, programming and testing.  Cabot Design has worked with an aircraft manufacturer on tyres and landing gear and so they are aware of the need for the new tyre to be robust, effective and durable.

The design for this new 17.5R25 tyre has now been finalised and the development process is moving forward completing the rigorous testing procedures demanded by industry OEMs.

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