Airboss Mongolian Mining Project

Don Gillander speaks at Eco & Innovative Technologies Seminar

Mongolia Mining Supplier Uran Tusul Trial Airboss

After an initial UK meeting, Don Gillander (MD at Airboss), was invited to speak at the Eco & Innovative Technologies in Mining and Construction seminar in Mongolia on behalf of distribution partner Uran Tusul LLC.

Following this seminar, Don Gillanders was taken to the Oyu Tolgoi (OT) mine where the potential opportunity to introduce airBOSS is under consideration.

Here, the scale of this project first came to realisation.

OT is a copper-gold mine located in the South Gobi region of Mongolia, approximately 550 kilometres south of the capital Ulaanbaatar. It holds the largest undeveloped high grade copper deposits in the world.

To date extraction of the ore has been taking place through open pit mining, however, as 80% of the value of the best ore is found underground, a massive mining project has commenced. To date 14 kilometres of lateral tunnels have been constructed with a further 200 kilometres of tunnels planned at depths of up to 1,300 metres.

This diagram provides an idea of the mine layout (image credit Oyu Tolgio). View the diagram.

This is where the need for airBOSS has been identified.

Imagine, you are in full production on a project of this scale and a Skid-Steer vehicle damages a rim or has a puncture deep inside one of the tunnels. Either a team needs to enter the tunnels and fix the issue where the vehicle has been damaged or the vehicle needs to be removed from the tunnel and fixed. This is still the case even when semi-solid or solid tyres are used.

The down-time cost and loss of production momentum on occasions such as this is considerable and when an initial investment of $21.5 billion has been made in the OT mine, that is not an acceptable situation.

Currently Uran Tusal is trialing airBOSS to eradicate this issue:

  • reducing downtime because only segments need replacing
  • saving money
  • allowing for demanding production deadlines to be achieved

This project really emphasises these key advantages of using airBOSS and with the experience we gained supplying Switzerland in their tunnel construction, we are feeling positive about the success of these trials.

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