With airBOSS when damage strikes there are two courses of action:

1. Jump out of the vehicle, unbolt the damaged segment, and replace it with a new one in minutes.

2. Continue using the vehicle and replace the segment at the end of your shift.

No downtime, just four bolts between you and success!

“On these contracts tyres are changed approximately every 4 weeks. The airBOSS tyres lasted 18 weeks.” Construction firm, Chorley

Do you want to eliminate downtime?

Never wait for a replacement tyre again, just replace the damaged segment and get back to work. Replacing segments is easy, there is no need to wait for a specialist. Operators armed with just a spanner and spare segments can repair their own vehicle and finish the job.

We have cut our tyre wear by some 32%.” Mill plant, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Greater Control

airBOSS even provides a wider footprint than standard tyres, giving operators greater control of their vehicles and the ability to continue working, even if three or four segments become damaged.

FIT TO: Skid Steers Dumpers • Loaders Backhoes

USE IN: Construction Forestry • Demolition Quarries • Landfills Waste Management Corrosive Areas High Temperature Zones • Metal Recycling Yards …ANYWHERE!