We did Re-Invent the Wheel

airBOSS went against convention and re-invented the wheel.

We did Re-Invent the Wheel

To re-invent the wheel means, “to waste time trying to create something that someone else has already created“ (Cambridge Dictionary).

Well airBOSS did go against convention and re-invent the wheel – it most certainly has not been a waste of time.

Using the unique Bolt on Segment System (BOSS) and custom designed wheels, airBOSS have in fact saved time rather than waste time. Not only time, we have saved money and helped support saving the environment.

Over 20 years ago, airBOSS recognised a need in the market – to provide a puncture proof solution for heavy plant vehicles better than existing solutions especially when used in harsh environments.

airBOSS v Foam Fill & Solid Tyres

airBOSS works best in harsh environments such as quarries, re-cycling plants, mines, & demolition sites. These environments require a puncture proof tyre. Pneumatics simply would not survive glass-shards, iron works, broken concrete or similar harsh surfaces.

The options available for heavy plant vehicles needing a puncture proof tyre include foam filled, solid or airBOSS.

Knowing the industry as we do, airBOSS is aware that we are better than both of these alternatives in the following way:

  • comfortable ride – solid tyres create vibrations so severe they can actually damage the vehicle they are fitted to.
  • no degradation in product through use – foam-fills solidify and create uneven rotation balance.
  • long life – airBOSS is the hardest wearing tyre solution on the market.
  • warranty approved – airBOSS is approved by all the major OEM and can be fitted by the manufacturer without invalidating the machine’s warranty.
  • no downtime – airBOSS segments can be changed by the vehicle operator rather than a specialist tyre repair company.
  • eco-friendly – segments can be recycled rather than full tyres being disposed of in one.
  • cost-effective – although initially investing in airBOSS can appear costly, over a short period of time the investment becomes cost-effective, less than purchasing foam fill or solid tyres. Take a look at our cost comparison chart here.

These are just a few ways in which airBOSS re-inventing the wheel is proving beneficial.

If you would like to know more about our product, watch this video.

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